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Vanised Empire

Vanished Empire started their career late of 2008 as the side-project of Gothic DJ Chihiro and Dee Lee (2 Bullet).
In their 1st album “Theater Of Tragedy” they express electro-goth styled music.
But in the beginning of 2010, they added the idea of Cthulhu-mythos and classical symphony.
With these essence they released “The Unnamable Symphony”.
The album was totally Cthulhu-mythos based music.
And now their music and concert are known as sinister and unnamable performance.





DJ Chihiro

“The ritualist”

DJ Chihiro expresses dark, mysterious, and brutal world with music like Dark-EBM/Terror EBM/Electro Gothic in his DJ spin.
As a member of Vanished Empire, he is the high-priest of the great old ones and use his mystic voice for rituals.

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Dee Lee

“The summoner”

Dee Lee had been studied classical music composing theory since he was little boy. But he played metal and industrial music so his knowledge and skills were not utilized so long time.
When he was Miskatonic university student, he got the chance to read “Necronomicon”.
And he realized his musical skill should be used for summoning great old ones.。

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